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Anti-Shock Twin Dog Lead - [TKB- DGL-NN-BLK]
Ideal Solution for Taking your Dogs on their Favourite Walks - Special Order
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Product Details

Anti-Shock Twin Dog Lead is the ideal solution for taking your dogs on their favourite walks. Our Anti-Shock Twin Dog Lead makes it safe, convenient and comfortable to walk up to 2 dogs. The Anti-Shock Twin Dog Lead allows you to comfortably walk your dogs and reduces strain on your arm or shoulder with its elasticised bungee material. Whether you are taking them on a short walk, adventures through the woods, to get some fresh air and exercise, the Anti-Shock Twin Dog Lead provides a reliable connection between you and your canine companions and helps you be ready for whatever your dogs need.

Double the Fun

The Anti-Shock Twin Dog Lead is designed for those who have more than one dog. It has a dual splitter that lets you take up to two dogs out at once without compromise. With three 360 rotation clips your dogs have will have full movement, solving the problem of a tangled leash making your walk a breeze. The double leash allows you and your dogs to enjoy more freedom without compromise to security or comfort. You can easily use this lead as a single one for one dog or attach the twin splitter to walk two.


Our Anti-Shock Twin Dog Lead helps absorb shock of sudden movement with an energetic, active or pulley dog, reducing muscle strain and minimising injury risk for both you and your dog. The elasticised bungee lead extends and springs back diminishing the feeling of being pulled. You will find that there is no limit with the Anti-Shock Twin Dog Lead! It offers a reliable mix of strength and flexibility cushioning pressure on uneven terrains or your dogs bursts of energy.


A padded handle ensures that this lead is not only comfortable for your dog but also for you. The comfortable handle coupled with the bungee feature of the lead means that strains are prevented on your arm and shoulder and the impact is softened to your dog’s throat and neck. It is also lightweight yet strong - prefect for all types of dogs. The 360 rotating clasp allows your dog to have free range of movement while keeping you in control. The Anti-Shock Twin Dog Lead lets you have the best adventures with your canine companion without compromise.


With reflective stitching, the Anti-Shock Twin Dog Lead is great for the day and a night! It helps improve your visibility at night providing extra safety and security for you and your buddy. It lets other walkers know you're approaching and makes it easier for drivers to see you when you're crossing or walking down the road.

In Control

The strong elasticised bungee design enables you to have complete control no matter the terrain or weather. With the 360 rotations clips your dog will have full movement, reducing tangles and allowing you to stay in charge. The padded handle is durable and comfortable letting you keep grasp on your two dogs without restricting them. The Anti-Shock Twin Dog Lead is split at 95cm and gives each of your dogs 54cm of independent rope. This gives you better control while giving enough lead for your dogs to explore comfortably.

Anti-Shock Twin Dog Lead Specifications:
  • Elasticised Shock Absorbing Bungee Lead
  • Strong and Durable
  • Padded Handle
  • Ideal for 2 Dogs
  • Reflective Stitching
  • 360 rotation reduces tangle and gives full movement
  • Dimensions: 95cm, 2.5cm Thick. Double Lead: 54cm each, 2.5cm Thick. Full length: 150cm
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