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About Us - Daniel Josier


Scent has an intensity of invitation more powerful than that of expression, appearance, sentiment, or resolve. The moving power of a scent cannot be resisted, it penetrates us like the living breath into our lungs, it charges us, saturates us totally. There is no tonic for it. It has been said that one is never fully clothed without perfume. That to be enveloped and embraced in a wonderful fragrance upon your skin is an enchantment all on its own.

Daniel Josier’s world revolves around perfume. The quest for perfection, for delightful aromas fills his day and much of his night. Daniel only shares his creations when he is convinced that a perfume innovation stands at the apex of his creative virtuosity. All the creations on this website are the result of countless hours of reconnoiter to bring you a range of truly unique and extraordinary scents. Perfumes that will enhance and expand your experience.
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